The Salton Sea area is a wild west of geothermal, solar, and wind resources. Lithium can provide for energy, but mining lithium can be toxic. Also, the San Andreas Fault runs beneath the Salton Sea so the area is prone to earthquakes.

"Lithium toxicity mostly affects your kidneys and central nervous system. In acute lithium toxicity, your GI tract will be affected too. In more severe cases, you may experience neurological or cardiovascular problems. In early lithium toxicity, you may have mild confusion. As the toxicity worsens, you may feel delirious or even have seizures or go into a coma."

Side Effects of Lithium

To determine whether you’re experiencing lithium toxicity, you first need to know the common side effects of prescribed lithium. They include: 

Some signs of lithium toxicity are similar to its side effects, but more severe. Symptoms of lithium toxicity include severe nausea and vomiting, severe hand tremors, confusion, and vision changes. If you experience these, you should seek immediate medical attention to check your lithium levels. 

Early Signs of Lithium Toxicity

If you have one or more of the following symptoms, you may be experiencing early lithium toxicity: