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Mecca, North Shore, and Thermal are the unincorporated areas in Eastern Coachella Valley that have OZs. Each of these communities has opportunities for businesses to grow and flourish.

Mecca is a small town that started off as a railroad camp and has since evolved into a Middle Eastern inspired desert oasis. The majority of the residents are farm workers and there are few stores. It has a lot of pride in its community and was heavily involved in United Farm Workers movements.

North Shore was a small town located on the shores of the Salton Sea. It boomed when Salton Sea was at the peak of its tourism. It has since fallen into decline due to the ongoing problems with the Salton Sea. If it is revitalized, it could perhaps reach the level of economic success it once reached decades ago.

Thermal was another town created from a railroad camp just a few years before Mecca. It is best known for the regional airport that has been in Thermal since 1965. Although it has had several names, it is now known as the Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport. It also is home to Thermal Club which attracts auto enthusiasts.

Government & NGO

State of California, California Energy Commission, Lithium Valley Commission: Lithium Valley Commission

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State of California Department of Parks and Recreation, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park®

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State of California Water Resources Control Board, Salton Sea Task Force: Salton Sea | California State Water Resources Control Board 


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